Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Fresh Start!

After a few infrequent posts over the course of past three years I have decided that I need a fresh start. So the thought came to my mind that this fresh start should have some kind of freshness... what should that be?

First Thought : Create a new Blog altogether
(Thinking) Forget it!!!

Second Option : New Post with just 'Fresh Start' written in subject
(Thinking) Too less!! Doesn't look fresh enough :S

Third Option : New Post with Pamela's pic
(Thinking) What the Fack! stay focused... stay focused...

After wasting much time over other totally useless ideas decided that lemme just jolt down a few things that have changed. So here I go...

Name: Aditya Jaiswal-- changed to -- p08adityaj
Location: Pune -- changed to -- Indore
Job status: Under paid employment -- changed to -- unemployed
Organization: Mr. Murthy's company -- changed to -- I I M Indore
Hobby: Sleeping -- changed to -- Cribbing about not getting enough sleep
Jargon Used: spring, MVC, hibernate etc. -- changed to - B2B, bottom line, strategy etc.
Waistline : 32 -- changed to -- 34 (Shit!!)

That's it... this looks fresh enough :)
Now even though this would mean taking out some time from those endless hours wasted on orkut and chat, I promises to increase (or rather start..) the frequency of posts here.

And just because it's my blog and therefore no body can stop me from posting whatever I want, here's my "freshly" clicked pic to end this post :)

Friday, March 21, 2008

End of Road...

Ever traveled on that Sunday afternoon on the highway and suddenly saw that small lake. Took the next left turn. Tried to find your way to the lake side with that small locked room..... So Beautiful!!! Taaaaa...aaaaa..kaadaak.... but now what. What was I really looking for, the lake or the whole fun and pains of reaching there. What do I do now? Is the afternoon over? Damn it.... Doesn't mean one's not happy. Infact I really loved the moment. But it also means the end of Road.....

Friday, January 04, 2008

2 O'Clock

2 A.M. of Saturday after a tiring Friday. I am supposed to be asleep. But this writing itself is a testimony of the fact that I am not. Why am I not sleep, because I am writing this… so the real question is why am I writing this? I just pondered over this for a few seconds trying to comprehend the answer to the question, still no answers. The question now is, “how am I supposed to know the answer to this question?” Am I in my behaviour exhibiting some cosmic law of confused entity or is this moment the random sample that defies the empirical laws, a black swan, maybe.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Greatest of your Days...

The moment of glory, the moment of prime,
The moment of happiness, the moment of divine,
The moment of love, the moment of care,
The moment of victory and those sweet despairs,
The moment of virtue, the moment of pride,
The moment of passion and careless strides,
The moment of sanity, that moment so insane,
That moment so whole, and the one which never came.

The wheels have started turning, pieces are getting in place,
Those moments approaching time for I can see the purple haze,
So say you’re little prayers, get your soul ready for that blaze,
Cause today is destined to be, the greatest of your days.

Friday, December 30, 2005

A note of Appreciation

I had just arrived at the Mumbai station, standing among so many people and still feeling so much alone. A strange uncertainty of the future, yet so much hope. Relieved of finally being able to make it here despite of so many things I had messed up during the past four years and resolved to put things straight this time. So much depressed for leaving behind all that was dear and yet excited to meet new people and find new lands. So satisfied for all that I had become and still resolved to become what I had once thought I would.

That was 1st January 2005 and those were strange times. Looking back at it now I cannot help wonder that it was one of the most dramatic New Year I ever had. Arriving at the city of Hopes for my Internship, without any of those people I had become so accustomed to. A strange chill running through the spine every time the thought came to my mind, now there was no going back, no college, no hostel. Times required me to be brave and so did I put up my best, with belief that future is always to look forward and things are destined to improve, that people are inherently good and its my time to know as many as I could.

Changing cities every 4 months and meeting so many people on my way, the year proved out to be an enriching and exciting journey like none other. But the things that stand out among all rest are those few people, those few gems who distinguished themselves from the rest. Who made me stop and take notice, wanting to know them better and at the end determined to make those friendships everlasting. Who had the power to enthrall and inspire people by their beauty, honesty, love, intelligence and sheer Smiles!!! It was also the time when the absence of some people made me realize how much do I love them and how much more do they love me. The monotony of days made me realize how much I cherish every moment of those past four years. I learnt how to be with people even when you are thousand miles apart and that every time I think of what all I have achieved all this time, those faces and those days flashed before my eyes. And so it seems today that those were the best that could have happened to me.

Sitting here with just couple of days to mark this year’s end, it was time for me to reflect on all that happened this year and all that I learned from it. And so this is one small note of gratitude that I managed to cumulate for all those great people I do know. With hopes that I’ll always have the pleasure of knowing them, no matter what we go through. And at the end to just let them know that they all have been my “Heroes”!!!

May the coming New Year brings all the good things and happiness to you and you move a step closer to become what you set out to be.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Divine Hand

Thou smallest grain of sand, the strength of mountains might,
Thou slithering breeze of air, hovering endless strides,
Thou placid stream of water, shattering all that stands thy way,
Thou sparkling glow of fire, bringing all that starts to an end,

Thou one they call men, for whom all shall exist,
Thou beauty of creation, thou natures final triumph,
It’s thy collective soul, who stands witness to this hour,
When with consent of my creator, I shall name thee GOD.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Confessions of an Object in JAVA Class

What’s an object? What is objectivity? Does it have anything to do with objectivism…? But then even if it has, do I have an objection? Abjectivity sounds similar to objectivity, but it’s certainly not abjection. Java is a funny language with people throwing objects at each other, or may be it’s just an alter-ego of our own world. There are abstractions, classes, parents and child, even generations of family existing simultaneously. But how is that possible, how can fifteen generations of a family exist at any single instance of time. Maybe it’s an abstraction of time itself, or a generic representation of time as in generic classes. God only knows the truth, but I am sure it is not our God, there must be even a God in Java, and in that case what are the properties and methods of this God class. I do believe that all the persons and employees and students existing in Java would also be desperately searching for there God class to find the reason for there existence. And may be someday somebody would write methods for me also, so that I can talk to these mysterious entities of Java to find the reason for my existence in this class.