Thursday, December 22, 2005

Confessions of an Object in JAVA Class

What’s an object? What is objectivity? Does it have anything to do with objectivism…? But then even if it has, do I have an objection? Abjectivity sounds similar to objectivity, but it’s certainly not abjection. Java is a funny language with people throwing objects at each other, or may be it’s just an alter-ego of our own world. There are abstractions, classes, parents and child, even generations of family existing simultaneously. But how is that possible, how can fifteen generations of a family exist at any single instance of time. Maybe it’s an abstraction of time itself, or a generic representation of time as in generic classes. God only knows the truth, but I am sure it is not our God, there must be even a God in Java, and in that case what are the properties and methods of this God class. I do believe that all the persons and employees and students existing in Java would also be desperately searching for there God class to find the reason for there existence. And may be someday somebody would write methods for me also, so that I can talk to these mysterious entities of Java to find the reason for my existence in this class.

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