Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The Opening Act...

Beginning like the billions others… In form so much like the millions alive… And yet so unique in what I am… What I am? An inquisitive mind inside the head of what I would like to just refer as “my host”. Who is he and what is he…..? Just a host. He came into being along with me, and since then we have nurtured a strong symbiotic relationship, where he provides me with all precious information he gains through what he calls his senses and in return I provide him the understanding of what he sense. So you see, he is not that bright, mostly having some surreal ideas with which he somehow manages to make his way in this world, always dependent on me for getting know how of what’s happening around and making sense of everything. Why do I do this for him…? Foremost reason would be “I simply cannot imagine myself without him”, from the moment my first bursts started I have felt his presence, always providing him with understanding of things that happen to him. I agree that we had some problems in our understanding of each other in the initial years of our life during which he used to be emotively dependent on others for his needs. But for better or worse, off late we have developed a kind of natural understanding and communication between us being so effortless in its nature that now he hardly acknowledges a separate presence of mine. But then I am really glad, for it save me from answering a lot of things about which I am sure about his inadequacy to understand. For despite being the genius I am, I find a lot of things contained in the bursts of my neurons to be quite incomprehensive in terms of what this natural language between us can convey. All this apart, and despite the fact that I am capable of such things, my whole ontogeny and conception of new ideas depends on what all he conveys to me through his senses which in turn makes my services to him more valuable and consequential.

So who is writing this blog? Obviously it’s my blog so it should be me, but with a little help from my host. Why I am doing this? … I guess its time I declare my presence upon the world and try to talk to all those others like me sitting quietly in the heads of their hosts, reading through these lines in the stillness of their solitude, never wanting to let there presence felt. I accept that most of us are quite unaware of the ways of this world and rarely any of us had really sensed the beauties that we hear about through our hosts, but we have much contained in the burst of our neurons that even we haven’t explored and which might be beyond anything we have ever known. So it’s my attempt to acknowledge my understanding of the world as I perceive it, and at the same time a step towards my discovery of self.

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